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For those that are really interested here is a little about my self.

I left school, in 1980, with a collection of GCSE and CSE passes. This allowed me to do a engineering apprenticeship with the Mailing machine manufacturer Pitney Bowes (Uk). After studying to obtain my HNC in Mechanical and Production engineering I began full time work within the Advanced Methods group. This gave me my first real exposure to computing, in the shape of an Apple II pc and a DEC VAX. The programming language of choice then was Fortran. I did this for about 2 years.

In 1986 I began working for Digitab, a data processing bureau situated in London. The role was that of junior programmer, still mainly using Fortran. Digitab was and still is a small company, varying between 15 and 25 workers. During my time with Digitab my role has developed to encompass all tasks relating to I.T.
I installed the companies network infrastructure, purchased I.T. hardware and software. I have installed and maintained mainframes, mini-frames, servers and desktop PC's. I provide our users with both software and hardware support.

In 2018 I transferred to a team within the parent company. Current the role is technical business partner where I mainly write bespoke solutions for reporting projects, using Office and VBA.

I was a Microsoft MVP for 13 consecutive years bewtween 2004 and 2016.

Andy Pope
Technical Business Partner at Kantar
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Created August 2004
Last updated 20th May 2023 

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