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AJP Excel Information

The intention of this site is to be a useful resource of alternative solutions to problems and limitations users experience when using Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint.

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To contact me about anything relating to this web site please use
Email: webmaster@andypope.info

While I make every endeavour to produce safe and reliable examples mistakes can happen. Please make backup copies of your files before running any VBA code or making changes to your own work. If you should encounter problems or bugs in any example please report it via email to webmaster@andypope.info

Disclaimer: By using any of these examples, you agree that I will not be held liable for any type of damages arising out of their use.

To contact me directly please use
If you have project related problems please use one of the listed Excel help forums.

Special thanks to Chris Macro at TheSpreadsheetGuru for providing the icon imagery.

Created 4 August 2014
Last updated 12th February 2022


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