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Conditionally highlight axis labels



The above chart high lights the X axis category labels when the monthly data drops below 25.

This effect is achieved by using the data labels of 2 extra data series, plotted as lines.
Here is the data and formula used to build the chart. The actual data for the column chart is in the range C3:C14.
The formula in columns D and E test the Data value and either output a zero or #N/A depending on whether a red or blue label should be displayed.
2 Data Red Labels Blue Labels
3 Jan 82 =IF(C3<25,0,NA()) =IF(C3>=25,0,NA())
4 Feb 99 =IF(C4<25,0,NA()) =IF(C4>=25,0,NA())
5 Mar 81 =IF(C5<25,0,NA()) =IF(C5>=25,0,NA())
6 Apr 20 =IF(C6<25,0,NA()) =IF(C6>=25,0,NA())
7 May 4 =IF(C7<25,0,NA()) =IF(C7>=25,0,NA())
8 Jun 35 =IF(C8<25,0,NA()) =IF(C8>=25,0,NA())
9 Jul 76 =IF(C9<25,0,NA()) =IF(C9>=25,0,NA())
10 Aug 67 =IF(C10<25,0,NA()) =IF(C10>=25,0,NA())
11 Sep 15 =IF(C11<25,0,NA()) =IF(C11>=25,0,NA())
12 Oct 18 =IF(C12<25,0,NA()) =IF(C12>=25,0,NA())
13 Nov 63 =IF(C13<25,0,NA()) =IF(C13>=25,0,NA())
14 Dec 16 =IF(C14<25,0,NA()) =IF(C14>=25,0,NA())
Select the range B2:E14 and use the chart wizard to build a standard Clustered Column chart.
Select the 'Red Label' line and right mouse click. From the popup menu choose Chart Type. Select the Line chart.
Repeat for the 'Blue Label' series
Double click the 'Red Labels' series and on the Data Labels tab of the Format Data Series dialog check the Category name option.
Repeat the application of data labels for the 'Blue Labels' series 
Double click the 'Red Labels' data labels and on the Alignment tab of the Format Data Labels dialog set the Label Position to Below. 
Repeat data label label position for the 'Blue Labels' series. 
Double click the X axis and on the Patterns tab of the Format Axis dialog set the Tick Mark Labels to none.
This will clear the built-in axis labels. 
Double click the 'Red Labels' data labels and on the Font tab of the Format Data Labels dialog set the Font Colour to Red.
Repeat for the 'Blue Labels' data labels. Setting the Font Colour to Blue.


Double click the 'Red Labels' data series and on the Patterns tab of the Format Data Series set the Line and Marker to None.
Repeat for the 'Blue Labels' series. 
For a explanation of how to remove the extra series from the legend see, Delete a single entry from the legend.

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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