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Pie chart data markers


This is an example of using a pie chart as the custom marker within another chart.
You need to create a small pie chart that will be used as the custom marker.
Format the chart area to have no fill pattern and no border.
Format the slices as required.
To apply the chart as a data marker we first need to create a picture copy of it. This can be done manually within Excel. Hold the Shift key whilst selecting the pie chart.
Then whilst still holding the shift key click the Edit menu.
Notice the appearance of a new menu item, Copy Picture.
Selecting Copy Picture... will display a dialog that allows you to set some characteristics of the image that will be created on the clipboard.
On your xy scatter chart you need to click the data series and then click the appropriate data point.
(See this tip for details of manually selecting individual chart elements)
With the data point selected you can paste the pie chart using CTRL+V
To do this for your whole chart you will need to change the data relating to the pie chart and the repeat the process of copying, selecting data point and pasting.
You can use VBA code to automate this process, which can be especially useful if the chart contains a lot of points or the data is changed at some point. As the pie data markers are static views of the data and are will not update with the data.
Sub PieMarkers()
    Dim chtMarker As Chart
    Dim chtMain As Chart
    Dim intPoint As Integer
    Dim rngRow As Range
    Dim lngPointIndex As Long
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
     ' reference to pie chart
    Set chtMarker = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects("chtPieMarker").Chart
     ' reference to chart that pie markers will be applied to
    Set chtMain = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1).Chart
     ' pie chart data which will be processed by rows
    For Each rngRow In Range("F4:J11").Rows
         ' assign new values to pie chart
        chtMarker.SeriesCollection(1).Values = rngRow
         ' copy pie
        chtMarker.Parent.CopyPicture  xlScreen, xlPicture
         ' paste to appropriate data point
        lngPointIndex = lngPointIndex + 1
     ' release objects
    Set chtMarker = Nothing
    Set chtMain = Nothing
    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
End Sub
The same technique can be applied to a Bubble chart where the size of the pie is related to the bubble size value.

It can also be applied to a line chart.

The code and chart examples are contained within this workbook.

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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