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RE: setting the radius of a pie chart



The plotarea size of the charts is changed in proportion to its total value in comparison with the other pie charts.
Here is the data used to create the 4 separate pie charts.

Here are the formula used for Pie1. The other pies use similar formula

The sizing is done via VBA code
Sub SizePies()
' Resize pie charts plot area according to a
Dim sngNormalSize As Single
Dim objCht As ChartObject
Dim rngSizes As Range
Dim intIndex As Integer
Dim sngTop As Single
Dim sngWidth As Single

' size proportions of pies
Set rngSizes = ActiveSheet.Range("B9:E9")
Set objCht = ActiveSheet.ChartObjects(1)

' Using first chart as point of reference
sngNormalSize = objCht.Chart.PlotArea.Width
sngTop = objCht.Chart.PlotArea.Top

' go thru and resize each pie
For Each objCht In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
    With objCht.Chart
        intIndex = intIndex + 1
        sngWidth = sngNormalSize * rngSizes.Cells(1, intIndex)
        If sngWidth > 10 Then
            .PlotArea.Width = sngWidth
            .PlotArea.Left = (.ChartArea.Width - .PlotArea.Width) / 2
            .PlotArea.Top = sngTop + ((.ChartArea.Height - sngTop) - .PlotArea.Height) / 2
        End If
    End With

End Sub
This workbook contains an all the formula, charts and VBA code.

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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