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Re: Label base of 3d column chart

This is a standard stacked 3d column chart
1 Dummy X
2 a 0 1
3 b 0 2
4 c 0 3
5 d 0 2
6 e 0 1

Select the range A1:C6 and use the chart wizard to create a standard 3d stacked column chart
Select the Dummy data series and apply data labels. As this series has a zero values the data labels although displayed in the center of the column appear to be at the base of the real data.
In order to make the data labels display the values of those of the second data series we will have to change the text.
You could edit each data label manually. Or link each data label to a cell manually.
But try this addin to save the effort of doing things manually.
Once the labels have the correct data displayed you can format them as required.

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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