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Displaying the secondary X axis

Whilst the secondary Y (value) axis appears automatically when a data series is placed on the secondary axis the secondary X (category) axis requires you to enable it. Create a standard line chart based on the data in A1:C6
1 Rating Percentage
2 One 1.0 63.5%
3 Two 2.0 64.7%
4 Three 3.0 22.4%
5 Four 4.0 17.1%
6 Five 5.0 33.1%
Select the 2nd data series, right click and from the popup menu choose Format Data Series...
On the format dialog choose Axis and then Plot series on secondary axis
The secondary Y (value) axis is displayed automatically. To enable the secondary X (value) axis right click the chart and from the popup menu choose Chart Options...
On the Axes tab of the Options dialog enable the secondary Category axis

Created 28th April 2007
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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