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Chart Labeler for PowerPoint

This is an add-in that allows you to select a chart series and link the data labels to cells within the Excel worksheet used to store the underlying data values. The text can be stored in cells outside the table used for data.

Once the add-in is installed and a chart is selected a new button will appear within the Format tab of Chart Tools contextual tab.

When the dialog first appears you need to select the series to which you want to link data labels to cells.
You can then click the Label Range dropdown to automatically open the underlying Excel worksheet and select the range contains text that you want linked to the data labels.

The range selected must contain the same number of cells as there are data points in the series. It will automatically handle invisible cells and the charts setting for the handling of hidden cells. You can select vertical or horizontal contiguous ranges or a non contiguous range.

When you click OK the Excel worksheet will be automatically closed. If the Excel application was not running previously this too will be closed down.

You can now select a position for the data labels. The choice of positions will be dictated by the chart type of the series being linked.

Finally you can click OK to update the data labels and close the dialog. Or by clicking Apply the data labels will be updated but further changes to this or any of the other series in the chart can be made.
Additionally if there is no range defined you can use the dialog to simply alter the position of the selected series data labels. The Apply and Ok button will work as described earlier. 


You can either place the Add-in in the Addins folder or browse to.
Install PowerPoint Add-in instructions Add or load a PowerPoint add-in



Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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