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Chart Text Mover

This is an add-in that allows you to select chart text elements and move them within the chart.
Originally written for PowerPoint 2007 there are also version for Excel 2007 and 2003.
Once the add-in is installed and a chart is selected a new button will appear within the Layout tab of Chart Tools contextual tab.
When the dialog appears you can choose from 3 distinct types of chart text elements. One the Data Series tab will be those series that have data labels applied. You can use the checkbox to allow for individual selection of a data label otherwise all data labels within a series will be affected.
You simply use the eight directional arrows to move the select text item. Use can change the Increment size to alter the distance moved by a single click of the arrows.
The Chart Text Items tab will display a list of all the built in chart text elements that are currently enabled within the chart. These can include chart and axes titles as well as axis display unit labels.
The embedded shapes tab will list all the shapes currently embedded within the chart. It is possible to select multiple items from the list and any movement will be applied to all the items.
When the add-in is installed in Excel 2007 a new group is added to the Layout tab, similar to PowerPoint, and will be available when a chart is selected. The button will also appear on the Pivot Chart Tools, Layout tab.
When the add-in is installed in xl2003 a new menu item will appear at the end of the Chart menu, which is displayed when a chart is active.

Excel 2007 version

Excel 2003 version

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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