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Graphics Exporter


This add-in will allow you to export pictures, shapes, charts and more to image files.
v1.1 1st Feb 2003
  • Modified sizing to reduce area around exported image.
  • Refined routine to determine whether items have 3d applied.
  • Remove menu icon due to sizing problems.
v1.2 20th Feb 2003
  • Modified routine for menu creation, now located by ID not name, so it should work with non English versions of Excel.
v1.3 13th Dec 2003
  • Fix of bug related to cell comments on worksheet.
v1.4 8th Jan 2004
  • Modified code to use AddinInstall and AddinUninstall events.
  • Added routine to remove multiple menu entries.
v1.5 25th Nov 2004
  •  Automatic ability to export the active cell range. 
    (If the current selection is that of a multiple and contiguous cells range).
v2.0 26th Feb 2005 - This version will not work in xl97
  • Updated UI
  • User preferences including graphic filter type and a default output folder
  • Ability to add new graphic filter types
v2.1 24th Apr 2005 - This version will not work in xl97
  • Fixed bug with displaying a preview image when userform is first loaded
v2.2 3rd Jan 2006 - This version will not work in xl97
  • Handle exporting of grouped shapes
v2.4 6th Oct 2007 - This version will not work in xl97
  • Handle exporting of smart art in Excel 2007
  • Fixed bug with naming of objects on chart sheets
v3.3 2nd Nov 2008 - xl2007 version only
  • Changes to deal with xl2007 shrinking size of grouped shape when exported
  • Change required to handle export of selected range. The newly pasted image of the cells is not necessarily the last item in the Shapes collection.
I have created a version of the addin specifically for Excel 2007. It creates a new Group on the Add-Ins tab.




Excel 2007 version

Excel 2003 version

Created August 2004
Last updated 1st January 2018 

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