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Moving listbox items class code


The class module handles the moving of listbox items up and down or between two specified listboxes.

If the listbox is set to multi-select the selected items will be moved up and down whilst retaining the spacing. Once a item reaches the top or bottom it will stop being moved and the spacing between that and the nearest selected item will be reduced. This will continue until all selected items are position at the top or bottom of the list. When the listbox contains multiple columns all the content of each line item is also repositioned.

When transferring list items between listboxes it is possible to either remove or retain selected items in the original listbox. When items are moved between listboxes the items are always appended to the existing content. No ordering is applied or retained.

The class module will not function for listboxes that are populated via the RowSource method.

The follow code, from the userform, shows how simple it is to define an use the class object.
You only need declare a variable to the object and then set a reference for the listbox to be used and the buttons that control the desired action.

Private m_clsListMoveUpDown As CListMover
Private m_clsListMoveIn As CListMover
Private m_clsListMoveOut As CListMover

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()

    Set m_clsListMoveUpDown = New CListMover
    With m_clsListMoveUpDown
        Set .MoveDownButton = Me.cmdDown
        Set .MoveUpButton = Me.cmdUp
        Set .UpDownList = Me.ListBox1
    End With
    Set m_clsListMoveIn = New CListMover
    With m_clsListMoveIn
        Set .TransferButton = Me.cmdMoveIn
        Set .TransferFromList = Me.ListBox2
        Set .TransferToList = Me.ListBox3
        .RemoveItemOnTransfer = CheckBox1.Value
    End With

    Set m_clsListMoveOut = New CListMover
    With m_clsListMoveOut
        Set .TransferButton = Me.cmdMoveOut
        Set .TransferFromList = Me.ListBox3
        Set .TransferToList = Me.ListBox2
        .RemoveItemOnTransfer = True
    End With
End Sub

The example workbook contains the demonstration userform and the class code.

Created August 2004
Last updated 5th August 2014 

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